Google Ads

what is google ads


Google offers advertisements which appear in search results on their Google search website. By having a Google Ad account, you can place ads on the Google Network.

should we use google ads?


Google Ads can be a very effective way for you to place ads in your target market in the Google search engine. This can be by keywords into a particular search and with Google Maps.

Does it cost much?


You are charged each time someone clicks on your ad. You can set your own budget daily and weekly, and even set times when your ads will be seen.  

How It Works

With most people these days, if they need to find anything, they use Google. Your business being found on the first page of searches for the keywords associated with your business is critical to attracting new business.

Even if your website is optimised well for your keywords, first page is never guaranteed. If you do a search for any keyword, you will see at the top of the first page, paid ads, and this is done through Google Ads. Below is an example of the first ad when you search for accommodation. It is a paid ad, with Ad written in front of the web address. All free ads are always placed below these paid ads.

To have your ads guaranteed on the first page of a search, we can setup a campaign with Google Ads for you. You list which keywords you want your ads to appear with, you can set times of the day they list, and you say how much you are prepared to pay per click through.

Ads are paid by click through, which means that your ad may appear for a particular search, but unless someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website, you are not charged. An example of one of our clients Google Ad campaign recently was that for their keywords they had their ad appear over 10,000 times, but there was only 163 click throughs to their site.   

The cost of click throughs is based on what you are prepared to pay. There average cost per click is between $1 and $2.  

Your ads are also placed in an auction style scenario with anyone else that has setup that keyword. If you setup a keyword, and you set a click through rate of $1, and another company has set $2 for the same keyword, their ad will be placed above yours.

There are reports available which allow you to monitor and control all aspects of your campaign.

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