Website Design

What You need From Your Website Designer & What We Do

Understand Business

It’s quite hard to promote someone’s business, and create a great marketing tool for them, if you don’t understand how a business is run. We have been involved in business running for over 37 years, the past 20 in webdesign and Internet services, and this combined with our experience and qualifications, allows us to create the perfect website for you.   

Marketing Specialists

Marketing, and the way it is now done, has changed with the advent of the Internet. Traditional methods like Yellow Pages and newspaper ads have been replaced by far cheaper options on the Internet. Businesses have saved many thousands of dollars each year by having a website that promotes themselves, their services and products, directly to their target market  24 / 7. With most people now finding what they want via the Internet with computers, tablets and phones, it is imperative for businesses to have a website or lose potential business. They also need a website that modifies itself so it can be easily seen on a mobile phone, as nearly 70% of people use mobile phones to find what they want.

Internet Specialists

Having a web designer that is very knowledgeable with the Internet, and how it and the search engines work, ensures your website will be a successful marketing tool for your business. Having been involved with the Internet for over 20 years, we have that knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

Knows Your Target Market

With over 20 years experience dealing with businesses on the Central Coast, we know your target market. We know how the Central Coast works, how many people interact and do business, and how and where they look for what they want.   

Website Design Specialists

Many people now claim to be able to create a website, and yes there are many packages available to do so, but a successful website works when it’s built by someone with knowledge of the Internet, search engines and Internet marketing. They need to know how to advertise you into your target market, and create a website that is very functional and will showcase everything you offer. You will spend money creating a website, and even more attracting people to it, so it is imperative once they do arrive to see your wares, that everything they need to make the decision to use or buy your services and goods is easily laid out for them to do so. You spend a lot of money getting people to your website, a good web designer will ensure they don’t have a reason to leave your website and go to your competitors.         

Search Engine Specialists

Having a website that is not optimised to be found in the search engines, is like creating a brochure and never distributing it. Optimising a website is a very complex matter, due to the algorithms the search engines use, and for the best results it’s best done by a specialist in this field. Many web designers proclaim to get you first page on Google, but what are they actually promising? Are they going to get you first page for all the 50 keywords associated with your business, or is it just for your business name? Nobody can guarantee what Google will do, or guarantee a first page ranking, unless they pay Google to be there for specific keywords, which is Google Ads. Our optimisation services don’t guarantee first page for your keywords, but they give you a very good chance of getting there. We can also setup a Google Ads campaign for you if you wish, to ensure you get first page for the keywords associated with your business.

Fast Website Updating

Having a website is one thing, but ensuring the content stays current and up to date is essential. We provide very affordable updating service packages. Changes you need doing to your website are generally completed within 4 business hours, usually less.  

Computer Software Repair Specialists

With over 30 years of software and computer repair experience, we are able to assist you with many of the other problems you may have with your computer, tablet and phone, especially navigating software with updates you may have. We provide remote assistance with issues, whereby we can access your computer within minutes directly from our office, to solve any problems you may have. This ensures fast service, with not having to wait for a technician to arrive, and is far more affordable. For some problems you may have, such as email issues, this remote service is free of charge, as it is included in your website hosting package.  

Promotes Your Business In Your Target Market

As an add on to our web design services, we have also created 11 Central Coast Business Directories that promote our clients. Our directories are listed high in the search engines for many categories, and have been in existence for 20 years.

General Advice

General free advice on matters such as the Internet, marketing, social media, emails received, software problems, setting up mobile phones, computer repairs or any other related matter, is always hard to find. An issue arises, and you are unsure what to do or ascertain what is the problem. As our client, you are able to tap into our vast knowledge in these areas, gathered from over 30 years of experience, free of charge. We are always happy to help.

Easy To Contact - No Hours On Hold - No Call Centre

One of the more frustrating things in business is having to contact someone for advice, a problem, or changes to a website, only to be left forever on hold, and eventually speaking to someone in a call centre overseas. This person often is hard to understand, has no knowledge on how to fix your problem, and does not know how your business operates or the market you target. We are based on the Central Coast and we don’t put you on hold, we answer straight away, we know your target market and website and we have extensive knowledge in all matters Internet, marketing, software and computers. We are available to be contacted 7 days a week. 

Business Stability

With the best and cheapest marketing tool you will ever have, it is important that you deal with a business that you know will be around for a long time to help you. There is nothing worse than having a website designed, only for your designer to disappear after a few years, often leaving you without a website. We have been operating website design and Internet services for over 20 years, and you will be hard pressed to find a web design business on the Central Coast that has been operating that long. We rarely market our business, because we don’t need to, as most of our work comes from word of mouth. It is a way the Central Coast has operated for many, many years.

Website Myth 1

Now that I have a website, I’m going to get lots of new business.


It still needs to be marketed properly and listed in the search engines.

Website Fact 1

People find what they want on the Internet.


People now use their computer, tablet or phone for everything they need. Without a website, you lose potential business.

Website Myth 2

My website will automatically be top in the search engines.


Without SEO, or paying for Google Adwords, your website won’t be seen.

Things To Consider With Your Website

Your Designer

Choose a designer who has years of business stability, so they will be there to help you for many years into the future.

There are many designers that have popped up in the marketplace, offer cheap websites, and just as quickly disappear.

This leaves businesses with a website they have spent thousands of dollars on that they can do very little with, and they need to start all over again with a new designer for even more cost. 


The Design

Make sure your designer makes your website in a manner so that it can be easily transferred to another designer if you are unhappy with their services in the future.

Many businesses are caught out having a website created, that will only work on their designer’s hosting site, meaning that if they are not happy with the services provided, they will have to spend even more money getting a new designer to create a whole new website.

You Get What You Pay For

We are all bombarded with emails offering cheap websites from overseas.

Many businesses do not realise that these websites only work on that company’s servers, meaning they are locked into staying with them, and there are many hidden charges after their website is built.

There is also the problem of contacting these companies when you want changes made, you have problems, or you simply want to setup a new email address.  

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support is the most critical part for any business once their website is created.

They need a designer that can be contacted quickly on the phone, with no hours spent waiting on hold, they need to be knowledgeable, and make the changes you need within 4 business hours or less.  

They need to have experience with the software programs you use, and be able to remotely help you via computer to assist with any problems you have. 

Our Services

What We Do For You

We Meet With You

We sit down and discuss how we can assist you, we look at what Internet marketing you currently have, and show you how by using our services we can help you increase your business potential through a website created and marketed by us.  

We Discuss The Design & Look You Want

We discuss the design you want and how we will incorporate all your existing logos, colours and branding. We will collect all relevant brochures, text and images, and can discuss options available to us if more information or images are required.     

We Send Everything Live

Once all the changes required have been made to your draft website, and the the search engine optimisation has been completed, we then send your website live. We at this point also setup your Google Adword campaign if required. 

We Setup Your Emails

We create the email addresses you need, and also assist with setting these up on your computers, tablets and mobile phones. We can also setup email diversions, aliases and forwarding email accounts.  

We Discuss Search Engines, Google Ads & Facebook

We discuss how important the search engines are for your business, the processes we go through, and note the keywords you wish to be found with. We also discuss the benefits of Google Adwords and social media such as Facebook. 

We Create A Draft Website

From all the information we have collected, we create a draft website for you, which will be a fully functioning website. We also assist you if required with the writing your content. We then discuss any changes you may want, or any additions you may have. 

70% of people search for what they want using their phone or tablet


Is your website mobile and tablet friendly?

Contact us and let us help