Search Engine Optimisation


What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

With the amount of information available on the Internet, finding what you need would be nearly impossible without some help sorting through it.

Search engines like Google, use algorithms, to assist them finding webpages that are relevant to a person’s search and location.

In order to be found in the Search engines by these algorithms, your complete website needs to be optimised, which means work is done in the background of your website by your web designer, where keywords, phrases, and meta tags are inserted. Without optimisation, your website will never be found.

Search engine optimisation

Things to remember

To be found in the search engines, your website needs to have at least basic optimisation.

Basic optimisation will see your website listed within the search engines, but you probably won’t be found for the keywords that are associated with your business, especially not high in the rankings.

Specialised optimisation will ensure you are found in the search engines for the keywords associated with your business. 

If you are getting a new website built, and your new web designer says they will optimise your website very cheaply, or for free, you are only getting basic optimisation.

If your website is mobile phone friendly, this will improve your rankings within Google. 

And the most important thing……… You get what you pay for.

Facts & Myths


Anyone Can Optimise A Website, It's A Real Easy Job


Basic optimisation could be done by someone with website building experience, but if you want the best results to be listed as high as possible in the rankings, for the keywords relevant to your business, you will need a specialist.


Paid Ads With Google Ads Have You Listed Higher Than Free Listings


For any particular search anyone does with Google, websites that have paid for advertising for that particular phrase or keyword, will always be listed at the top of the search results above all other free listings.


It Can Take 3 Months To Be Seen In The Search Engines


Once a website has been optimised, it can take up to 3 months to be listed properly in the search engines. The search engines crawl your website on a regular basis, and your final ranking does take time to achieve.


You should monitor your rankings regularly


Yes you should. Search engines may tweak their algorithm slightly, which can affect your rankings. When such tweaks happen, it’s important to have your web designer modify your optimisation accordingly.


Linking My Website With Others Helps My Ranking


As part of the algorithm search engines use, they look for links your website may have to other search engine listed websites. Having these links will improve your own overall ranking. This is called credibility.


You only have to optimise your website once


As with everything, things change, especially technology. Algorithm changes make it very important for you to keep changing your website to suit. Just like a car, your website needs a service every now and then. 

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